1. Stride iD Spearmint

    Location Purchased: Target


    I realize that I just reviewed the others so I’m going to try to not make it too redundant. There’s 14 sugar free pieces in a package that folds over and stays closed by magnets. The magnets are the strips of purple on the inside of the pack. Sadly, they are so thin that you can’t really take and use them for anything else, they will crumble away when you try to peel them.

    I love this artwork, but I am a sucker for whales. Be on the lookout for other art pieces, apparently there are many to find! A quick search on tumblr comfirms that. I almost want to collect them and frame them for fun.


    The first chew it makes me think of actually chewing mint leaves, there’s just something natural about it that I enjoy. The flavor has more kick than the peppermint, but is still sweet. The flavor lasts and makes for an enjoyable chew.

    Overall Thought

    I have to say that all three of these flavors were delish! The packages are fun and who doesn’t love magnets?? I still do not know if I should keep everything away from the package! I guess better be safe than sorry, right??